vending machines and office coffee service in BaytownBaytown’s Best Provider of Quality Vending Machines

Putting vending machines in your Baytown office is a great way to provide employees the fuel they need to get through the day. FRESHBREW provides the vending machines you need and the products to fill them. Our range of high-tech vending machines includes snack vending machines, coffee vending machines and food vending machines. Also, we offer both Coke vending machines and Pepsi vending machines. We try to make sure all of our vending machines exhibit the latest in convenience technologies. Ask about vending machines with cashless payment and guaranteed product delivery. Also, our warehouse is automated which includes Lightspeed technology. This allows us to remotely monitor your inventory in real time, so not only are you better served, but we can be completely efficient with deliveries to keep your costs lower.

We’re Putting Office Coffee Services in Baytown Businesses

Got coffee drinkers? Then get an office coffee service for your Baytown office with FRESHBREW. Our coffee brewers range from the smaller, more nimble single-cup brewers up to coffee machines that can brew multiple pots. These offer the latest in technologies to brew coffee better and include abilities to change the brewing parameters to your liking. When we restock your coffee, we’re also willing to bring other break room needs, like stir sticks, cups, plates, sweeteners and creamers.

vending service and micro-markets in BaytownExperience a Micro-Market in Your Baytown Office

A unique concept beyond vending service, you can put open market in your Baytown office with a Micro-Market service from FRESHBREW. No matter what space you have available, we can create a small store using attractive racks, displays and coolers, and then fill them with a huge selection of snacks, beverages and meal options. Each Micro-Market includes a centralized self-checkout kiosk. This not only adds convenience allowing each customer to handle their own transactions, but it makes the store easier to track as well. These kiosks are internet connected, allowing us to monitor inventory remotely. When supplies are getting low, we know exactly what you need, so we can be more efficient with our services and you can be more satisfied with full line service whenever you want it. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Micro-Markets support everyone in your Baytown operation regardless of when they work.

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