Micro-Markets and Vending Machines Offer Houston a New Opportunity in the New Normal

Workplace breakrooms are more important than ever during COVID-19. As Houston businesses have returned to work, a new normal has shifted in the workplace and in the breakroom. While breakrooms continue to be a convenient benefit for employees to enjoy refreshments on-site, they are also an opportunity to limit outside influences within the office setting.

FRESHBREW is here to support you with custom solutions that offer convenient food and drink options for your employees. Making it easy for you to provide healthy refreshments for your employees and making it safe for them to enjoy a great meal or snack in the office during their workday.

Micro-markets and vending machines are two refreshment services that make it easy to provide a safer way for employees to access fresh foods, snacks, and beverages in the breakroom. Items offered in micro-markets and vending machines are individually wrapped in secure packaging for a quick and easy grab-and-go experience. Plus, vending machines or micro-markets also provide cashless payment options, limiting contact even further.

By providing Houston employees with plenty of healthy and delicious options in the breakroom, employers can satisfy their employees refreshment needs during the workday and limit their potential exposure to viruses by reducing off-site lunches or trips. A micro-market or set of vending machines is also a tool that Houston employers can use to encourage social distancing, fewer in person interactions, and less time in unknown environments. And a well-designed breakroom with comfortable seating arrangements, delicious snacks, beverages, and fresh food encourages relaxation, collaboration between colleagues, and creativity.

micro market in houston

Let us help you with a custom designed breakroom solution that allows your employees to grab healthy and delicious snacks and beverages during their busy day. From beginning to the end, design to installation, our custom-tailored breakroom solutions will provide the perfect place for your Houston employees to get healthy and delicious snacks, on-site, anytime.

For more information about our custom breakroom services in Houston and surrounding areas, contact FRESHBREW at 281-847-2222 or fill out a contact form HERE. We look forward to hearing from you.