Benefits of a vending machine program for your Houston Area business

Incorporating a vending machine program from FRESHBREW into your Houston area business provides benefits for your business and your people. Vending machines can help boost productivity and have the advantage of being easy to manage. It’s no wonder that many Houston businesses find that vending machines are an ideal solution to support workplace satisfaction.

Micro-Market Advantages

Most businesses want a vending program that is convenient for their employees and visitors but also convenient for their business too. One of the major advantages of supplying vending machines from FRESHBREW is they are less of a burden on facilities budgets and site space. And they also provide the top name brands in beverages, snacks and food choices that your employees love! But vending machines are helpful in other ways too…

1. Low overheads

Vending machines from FRESHBREW require no staff, which means no extra wages to pay. And, vending machines, despite being able to run 24 hours a day, only use a small amount of electricity to run. Altogether, this means lower overheads for your Houston area business.

2. Vending machines are easy to manageVending Services Houston

Once installed, our vending machine needs little to no maintenance from you – we handle it all. So, you can rest assured knowing that it’s being taken care of by our professional team of Route Drivers, with insight into what your employees really want to eat and drink from the real-time data received from each machine.

3. Keeps employees onsite

Options for onsite beverages, snacks and food means your Houston employees can stay in the office. This helps you maintain care of your employees’ refreshment needs onsite and ensures optimum productivity. Keeping your staff in the office also provides you with more opportunities to engage them in lunchtime activities that can help boost morale and employee engagement.

Let us help you with a custom vending program that allows your employees to grab healthy and delicious snacks, beverages and food during their busy day. From beginning to the end, design to installation, our custom-tailored solutions will provide the perfect place for your Houston employees to get healthy and delicious refreshments, on-site, anytime.

For more information about our custom vending solutions in the Houston and surrounding areas, contact FRESHBREW at 281-847-2222 or fill out a contact form HERE. We look forward to hearing from you.