How Covid Is Changing Food Service in Houston

Since the onset of Covid-19, many Houston area companies have shifted their thinking behind food services in the workplace and installing micro-markets as a safer solution. Because micro-markets eliminate the common company refrigerator, they enable companies to offer the same amount of food and beverage with less personal contact, helping to eliminate the spread of viruses and keeping employees safe.

How does a Micro-market from FRESHBREW Offer Safety?

Micro-markets are an open area concept, so employees can see the fresh foods and beverages available prior to purchase in coolers or containers. When an employee decides on the snacksfoods or beverages they want, they can order via an app on their smartphone or another device making it easy and safe to get the items that they purchased without having to interact with other employees. Payment can be through a variety of options including debit cards, credit cards, pre-paid cards, and more.

What do Micro-markets offer?

Fresh and Healthy Options
Micro-markets offer an array of fresh and healthy options including salads, sandwiches, and really anything else that may be in demand for your employees. That could include snacks, drinks, or even pantry staples. Your Houston area business micro-market can be a trusted source of packaged, fresh foods to meet employee needs and keep them safe.

Healthy Foods in Houston

No-Contact Payment
Touch-less payment options mean contact with frequently touched surfaces can be limited or entirely eliminated. Your employees can pick their items, scan at the kiosk and pay without ever using the touchscreen.

A solution like a fresh food micro-market can offer the convenience of food service, without overhead costs associated with running an on-site cafeteria or always having your employees leaving the office to get a bite to eat or grab their favorite afternoon snack.

Micro-markets can be found in a variety of locations in the Houston area including college campuses, oil and gas facilities, auto dealerships, transportation centers, and hospital systems.

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