Breakrooms with Healthy Vending are Forever Growing with Houston Businesses

Demand for healthy snack options is forever growing, and you will want to make sure your Houston office provides healthy options when employees head to the breakroom. At FRESHBREW, we can help you with a healthy vending program. The ‘healthy vending’ concept was created to target the growing demand for healthy vending machine options. By providing an alternative to high-calorie convenience snacks, beverages, and foods, Houston businesses are looking to provide healthier vending machine items in their office breakrooms. Not only does this help support the health and well-being of the employees, but it also helps to set their business apart from others to retain and acquire good talent.

So, what exactly is a healthy vending machine?

A healthy vending machine is a combo vending machine which offers healthy snack, beverage, and food options that are low in sugar, fat, and calories.

The other aspect that makes a healthy vending machine different is the size offerings. Traditional vending machines only offer standard product sizes, but with a healthy vending machine you have more options in product sizes and availability as the machines are designed to be customizable with what your Houston employees prefer.

What makes a vending machine “healthy?”

With the growing interest in Healthy Vending, Houston area businesses are beginning to explore different options for offering more healthy snacks, beverages, and foods to their employees while on the job.

A healthy vending machine is basically just what it sounds like. It is a vending machine offering healthy snacks, beverages, and foods. While a traditional vending machine will quite often limit you to the size of the product, a healthy vending machine is designed to vend different size healthy options, thus expanding inventory choices based on what your Houston employees consume the most. This ensures they have their favorite snack, beverages, and foods while at work. They will appreciate it!

healthy vending snacks in Houston

Why not make it easy and convenient with a healthy vending machine?

Stock your Houston breakroom vending machine with fun and healthy items such as granola bars, wheat chips, mixed nuts, and more. Add in healthy drink options as well, such as Vitamin Water, juice, and sugar-free energy drinks.

For more information about our healthy vending services or add a customized healthy program to your micro-market in Houston, contact FRESHBREW at 281-847-2222 or fill out a contact form HERE. We look forward to hearing from you.