Why snacks are important to your Houston Breakroom

Snacks have many different purposes. For some individuals, they are a meal replacement while for other individuals they are a treat or a reason to gather with colleagues in the breakroom. Just as there are different characteristics that make people unique, there are many reasons why individuals choose a particular snack.

Since its onset, COVID-19 has changed the way Houston employees live and work, so snacks have become even more essential for many individuals. Some of those favorites are potato chips, popcorn, and corn chips. In this time of great change, small things that create a sense of normalcy are important since they can positively impact the mental health of your employees every day.


Many Houston employers have been presented with a new opportunity to make sure their snack vending machines and beverage vending machines offer the refreshment options their employees want. It is worthwhile to take the time to ask your employees about their refreshment preferences. Considering your employees’ opinions sends them a message that says, “We value you.”

Traditional and Healthy Snacks in Houston

Less time spent off-site increases employee productivity and can help decrease the risk of infection. Gathering on-site in small groups during breaks also creates essential moments that can be used to rebuild morale within the office community that has been missing with fewer employees in the office.

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A few things to consider, in addition to convenience, when thinking about what your employees are looking for when it comes to workplace refreshments is to offer choices around healthy vending options,  that include high-protein, and low-calorie snacks and beverages – specifically regarding employee health and wellness.

Does your Houston breakroom meet your employees’ refreshment needs? Whether you are looking to make a complete overhaul or just a few changes, FRESHBREW is available to help. We offer a wide variety of traditional and healthy snacks and beverages as well as contactless payment options to help keep everyone safe.

At FRESHBREW we take pride in our vending and micro-market programs that provide your Houston area business with the best quality snacks, beverages, and healthy options for your employees. To learn more about our complete breakroom solutions, contact us at 281-847-2222 or fill out our contact form HERE. We look forward to hearing from you.