Healthy Lifestyles Impact Houston Hearts

February is American Heart Month, which makes it a great time to think about providing heart healthy options for your Houston employees to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is just one of many ways to fight cardiovascular disease, a group of diseases that includes heart disease and is the leading cause of death for Americans.

When thinking about providing healthy options in your Houston breakroom, there are many things you can consider. First, you can provide better-for-you beverages and snacks with a healthy vending program from FRESHBREW that offers 20% low-fat options in every machine.

The second thing Houston businesses can consider is providing onsite refreshments to employees with a FRESHBREW micro-market – it is like having a mini-convenience store just steps away from their desk offering the latest healthy food options to your employees 24/7.

Healthy Vending Options in Houston

When you provide your Houston employees with healthy vending services from FRESHBREW, you allow them the opportunity to choose low-fat, sugar-free options that will help them maintain their health goals while at work.

healthy foods in Houston

Onsite Convenience with a Micro-Market

When considering the health of your Houston employees, you can offer them a variety of foods from all the different food groups: fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, nuts and healthy fats with the addition of a FRESHBREW micro-market in your breakroom.

Remember, providing nutrient-rich foods helps ensure your Houston employees get the vitamins and minerals they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Offering your Houston employees delicious and healthy snacks, beverages and fresh food in the office breakroom is important when keeping their health in mind. Whether it is from a micro-market or healthy vending machines, employees are more likely to make healthier choices throughout the workday when great refreshment options are available on-site.

At FRESHBREW we take pride in our healthy vending and micro-market programs that provide your Houston area business with the best quality snacks, beverages, and healthy options for your employees. To learn more about our complete breakroom solutions, contact us at 281-847-2222 or fill out our contact form HERE. We look forward to hearing from you.