Reasons You will Love Our Houston Area Vending Service

Are you considering installing vending machines into your Houston office? There are many reasons businesses are opting to install and provide them for today’s workforce, but here are a few of the top reason’s employers love our Houston Vending Service.

1. A wide assortment of today’s top refreshments

Our Houston vending service provides your employees with numerous refreshment options. Enjoy today’s most requested snacks and meals, as well as all the favorite beverages they have come to love over the years.

2. Energy-efficient vending machines

We make sure that we run things in an energy-efficient way, and the remote monitoring technology we use allows us to visit and stock your break room only when necessary – reducing our carbon footprint. All our Houston vending machines are also energy star certified and use LED lights for less energy consumption.

breakroom collaboration in houston

3. A place to collaborate and relax

Creating a space for your Houston employees to collaborate and relax is important. A breakroom with a perfectly stocked vending machine is the perfect place for your employees to collaborate. It also gives your employees the ideal space to relax and refresh their minds throughout the day.

4. Keep employees on-site

Employees tend to go off-site for breaks because there are no options are for snacks, foods, or coffee on-site. Our Houston vending service gives your employees exactly what they are looking for right in the office. With a stocked breakroom, you will not have to worry about employees returning late from breaks or lunch. You will also reduce the number of extra germs your employees are encountering by being outside the office.

5. Safe and touchless payments

Your Houston employees can easily purchase items from the vending machine using their mobile phones eliminating the need to touch cash or change, which allows their breakroom experience to be safe and efficient.

Let the professionals at FRESHBREW help you create the perfect breakroom experience for your Houston business with the best quality snacks, beverages, and healthy options for your employees. Whether you are transforming a vending program to a micro-market, or just want to improve your breakroom experience, we have you covered!

To learn more about our complete breakroom solutions, contact us at 281-847-2222 or fill out our contact form HERE. We look forward to hearing from you.