Emergency Preparedness is Key to Serving our Houston Customers During a Hurricane

It is that time of year where Hurricanes can become a threat to Houston and surrounding areas. Considering the devastation that can happen during a hurricane, we want to make sure your Houston organization is serviced during this critical time. At FRESHBREW, we are always prepared to service our customers, regardless of the weather in Houston.

Let us look at top items we include in our emergency preparedness plan to help serve our Houston area customers and other critical service providers.


Communication is the most important function in emergency situations. Twenty-four hours before a storm is scheduled to hit the Gulf of Mexico, our route drivers will ensure that all your Houston vending machines, and micro-markets are fully loaded in the case that some of your employees are not able to leave your facility during the storm. In addition, our customer service managers will be in touch with key accounts to see if there are any emergency supplies needed such as bottled water, snacks, and shelf stable meals.

Critical Service Operations:

All critical service operations such as Houston area hospitals, City of Houston or Harris county offices, and Houston utility companies will be serviced as soon as the storm passes. If for any reason the assigned driver did not make it to work safely, another driver or supervisor will be assigned to cover these routes.

Additionally, if second or third shifts are needed to get the food and beverages delivered to your Houston location, our staff will be on standby ready to fulfill these commitments to our customers.

Hurricane Preparedness | FreshBrew Group | Houston


Powering Up to Serve:

We have a commercial generator that will power our total facility during the storm and after. Our facility refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners are all operated on this generator. Therefore, we can keep fresh and frozen goods available to our customers as well as temperature sensitive food and snack items.

We will be ready to service our customers during this time. We can also provide food and water to emergency personnel in the City of Houston as needed.

Ride-Out Team Support:

We work with Houston organizations who must remain functional during a hurricane. In some cases, once a storm enters the Gulf of Mexico, a standard order can be delivered to the Hurricane Ride-Out Team of any Houston organization. This order could include bottled water, beverages, juices, snacks, sandwiches, or shelf stable meals.

Providing this service alleviates your management from handling this project. And allows them to concentrate on the immediate challenges facing your Houston organization.

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