The importance of breakroom design regarding company culture in Houston

While the connection between office breakroom design and a healthy, productive work environment is clear – Houston facility and hiring managers are beginning to see the importance of breakroom design regarding company culture.

There is a definitive trend toward investing heavily in breakroom designs that act as a relaxing, healthy retreat for your Houston workforce. In addition to offering beverages and snacks in your Houston vending machine, why not include some healthy meal options with a custom micro-market program?

At FRESHBREW, we help customize your Houston office space to fit your cultural objectives and boost employee morale. Here are some best practices to consider in when looking to improve your Houston breakroom design.

Take a Break!

Today’s corporate culture is trending toward more high-quality employee perks, including healthy snacks and better breakroom coffee. Instead of low-quality drip coffee, upgrade your Houston office coffee service to include high-quality cold brew, coconut water, cold pressed juices and similarly, great breakroom chilled beverage perks. They will love it!

Showing your Houston employees that you value them results in better retention, happier people, and higher quality customer services.

Customize and Personalize

The best Houston breakrooms are not just well-stocked with office coffee and vending machines; their design and layout are customized to a company’s unique culture.

Collecting employee feedback regarding unique additions and refreshment choices can be key to enhancing your Houston breakroom essentials. Let your company culture, and your employees, give you ideas on how to customize and personalize your new Houston breakroom.

A similar commitment to personalizing your offerings is going above and beyond the basic breakroom offerings. Adding an onsite mini-convenience store with a custom micro-market program turns great perks into a culture where employees are highly engaged and enjoy being at work.

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Essentials for Breakroom Design

While every organization’s ideal breakroom is slightly different, depending on their culture, values and employees, there are essentials for a modern breakroom design that improves your culture.

  • Provide the daily necessities for employees with coffee, snacksbeverages and food.
  • Offer a visually appealing space that lets employees relax, collaborate and recharge.
  • Create a custom design that supports your company culture.

By letting your Houston employees and company culture dictate how you personalize your in-office retreat, you can encourage employees to work happy, take breaks and have fun at work.

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