Journey of the Coffee Bean to Your Houston Breakroom

The journey of the coffee bean to cup is probably not something people think about when making coffee in their Houston breakroom. It is a long process that involves many farmers, harvesters, and roasters to get it to your coffee cup. Grab a fresh cup of coffee and a healthy snack from your breakroom vending machine while reading more about the coffee bean journey!

Planting the coffee bean seed

The beginning process starts when a teeny tiny seed is planted in a country where the sun shines brightly and can give the seed all its nutrients.

Typically, it grows in areas close to the equator as a constant supply of sun is vital to the growth of healthy plants.

Harvesting the red coffee cherry

It takes about 3-4 years for the coffee plant to mature so the red coffee cherries, which contain the green coffee bean, can be harvested from them.

Once the red coffee cherries have matured, they will be hand-picked and harvested by local farmers in the region.

Processing the green coffee bean

After the red coffee cherries are harvested, they are processed in the sun to dry for several days so the green coffee bean can be extracted from their husks.

Once all the husks have dried and the bean is partially exposed, the beans must then be milled to remove the last bits of the cherry from the green beans.

Time to take flight

Now that the coffee beans have been completely husked, dried and sorted into different varieties based on their quality, they are now ready to be exported to our Specialty Roasting facility so we can begin the cupping, tasting and roasting process.

Coffee beans are not roasted prior to exporting, the roasting process starts once the coffee bean reaches our Specialty Roasting facility.

Roast the perfect coffee blend

Once the coffee beans are exported and received at our Specialty Roasting facility, our highly qualified “cupper” will roast a small amount of the green coffee beans for a taste test.

Our cupper tests the aromatic and flavor quality of the bean as it is essential to make sure that the balance is correct, especially when choosing beans for Specialty Roasting custom blends.


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Finally — Time to FRESHBREW Your Coffee!

Whether through a traditional brewer or a single-cup specialty brewer, our specialty roasted coffee is sure to please your coffee palate. Our gourmet quality blends, and exceptional service levels are testament to our commitment to coffee excellence and satisfaction.

When enjoying the first sip from your morning cup of coffee, remember that so much more goes into it than you think – much respect to the glorious coffee bean, the farmers, harvesters, and the coffee roasters, like FRESHBREW Specialty Roasting, who take pride in making sure you can brew the best cup, every time!

If you are looking to add a custom coffee blend for your Houston office coffee service, give us a call at 281-847-2222. We look forward to helping you bring your taste buds to life with a FRESHBREW Specialty Roasting custom coffee blend!