The Breakroom Environment is Key to Saying Thank You to Houston Employees

The breakroom environment is key to saying thank you to your employees and helps create a positive workplace. And this should be something that Houston companies constantly analyze and work on. Having an office breakroom that is inviting is key. But, when you fill it with a variety of refreshments, healthy options, and coffee, it can really help the overall well-being of employees and your company culture. This results in a positive work environment that helps keep current employees happy and helps attract top talent.

The environment of the office breakroom has shifted recently and has become an important space for your employees. It provides them with a place to relax and go to when they need a coffee break, get a snack or even a place to complete their work and collaborate with others on their team.

What are few ways to improve the office breakroom environment? Keep reading to learn more.

Serve up Variety with a Vending Service Program

Offering a variety of snacks and beverages with a custom vending program will keep your Houston employees satisfied during their workday. And it offers up the opportunity for them to meet with coworkers and take a break together. Stocking your breakroom with a diverse assortment of trendy snacks and beverages will rival your local convenience store. Plus, your employees will appreciate having their favorites just a quick walk from their desk.

Get Barista-quality Specialty Coffee with a Smart Café   

Employees want a quality coffee experience. Why not bring the coffee shop experience right to your Houston office breakroom? While employees primarily drink coffee in the workplace for the caffeine boost or the taste, there is more to it. It’s a huge part of workplace culture and engagement, and employees put importance on the availability of high-quality coffee options. Create a coffee shop experience with the addition of the Costa Coffee Smart Café. It offers 200+ beverages all made with real milk and real coffee beans.

Go Healthy in a custom Micro-Market Program

Micro-Markets are much more than a breakroom refreshment solution. They offer a variety of refreshment options, including healthy snacks, beverages and food. Plus, a well-stocked breakroom makes employees feel valued and appreciated, which can boost company culture and productivity!

Employees will love the high-end feel of these solutions as well as having access to convenient refreshments all day. Plus, employers can pay a portion of the product cost to encourage employees to stay onsite for their snack or lunch breaks. It is a great way to say “Thank You” to your Houston employees.

Say thank you to employees while providing a new experience in the office with a custom breakroom solution from FRESHBREW Group. Get in touch with us today at 281-847-2222 or fill out our contact form here.