Breakrooms will always have a place in your Houston office space

Breakrooms will always be an important part of your Houston office space. Yes, the pandemic still has some influence on the way workplace breakrooms will function. But one thing about office breakrooms remains true. They are a place where employees can step out of the work zone without stepping out of the office. So, it’s important to create a functional and inviting space that works for employees to take a ‘break’ from their day without having to leave the office.

Whether you’re offering your Houston employees free coffee and food or just providing access to a well-stocked vending machine with their favorite snacks and beverages, it can really go a long way.

Keep reading to learn a few ways to make your Houston breakroom stand out and make employees feel appreciated.

Provide Grab-and-Go Snacks

No breakroom is complete without a selection of grab-and-go snacks. When planning the breakroom, be sure to include a variety of snacks and beverages to meet different nutritional needs. It is a great way to make your employees feel cared for and thought about.

Ditch the Cafeteria for a Micro-market

Rearrange or replace cafeteria as a mini-convenience store right inside your location with a custom micro-market solution. It can provide morning coffee and energy drinks, daily lunch, or afternoon snacks for your employees. Plus, you can offer subsidized pricing for your employees or foot the bill altogether.

Offer Barista-style Coffee with a Smart Café

Don’t make your employees feel the need to stop and grab coffee on the way to work. Save them the time and hassle by adding a Costa Smart Café to your breakroom that offers 200+ specialty coffee selections. In addition to specialty coffee drinks, it also offers milk beverages and hot chocolate. Plus, your employees will get a coffee-shop experience right onsite!

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Remember… offering snacks, beverages, food, and coffee in the office should be a part of your breakroom strategy. It is one of the best tangible and visible benefits that employees will see. It can make employees feel that the company cares about them. This can lead to social bonding, collaboration, and innovation in your office.

For more information about adding vending services, a custom micro-market or a Smart Café to your Houston breakroom, contact FRESHBREW Group at 281-847-2222 or We look forward to working with you!