Offer a Healthy Houston Breakroom in 2022

Offering a healthy Houston breakroom in 2022 helps your employees stick to their New Year’s resolutions at work. Many people are making changes to their lives from a health perspective with the start of a new year. And one of the most popular changes is the goal of eating healthy and taking care of their health not only at home, but also at the office. In general, this can be a challenging goal because it requires lots of preparation and changing their eating habits while on the clock.

Create the Breakroom Experience

Creating a space that offers onsite refreshments is key because often there is no breakroom available. Or the breakroom only offers unhealthy options, like junk food in the vending machine. While this makes eating healthy at work extra challenging for your Houston employees, it also requires one of two things. Your employees will either need to pack a healthy lunch or snack. Or they will leave the office to grab healthy refreshments elsewhere, and not return to work on time from their break.

Offer Healthy Breakroom Options

Offering healthy options in your Houston breakroom provides a great benefit for your employees. Upgrading your vending program to a custom micro-market allows quick access to hundreds of healthy refreshments throughout the day. You can also update your breakroom vending machines with everything from low sugar drinks to nutrient-dense meals, granola bars and nuts. When you do this, your employees will never have to leave the office for snacks, beverages, or food.

Invest in Employee Health

A healthy breakroom helps your Houston employees keep their New Years’ goal of living a healthy lifestyle. And supporting your employee’s health goals goes far beyond the breakroom. It also shows your employees their health is an important investment supported by your business. Remember, when employees feel appreciated and valued in the workplace, they work harder, and it helps boost productivity and morale.

For more information about installing healthy vending machines or a custom micro-market in your Houston breakroom, please contact FreshBrew Group at 281-847-2222 or fill out a contact form HERE. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you create a healthy breakroom experience for your Houston employees.