Create a Positive Houston Breakroom Experience with Advanced Technology

Creating a positive breakroom experience for your Houston employees helps contribute to a better workplace culture and supports employee productivity. And, with vending technology quickly and constantly evolving, it immensely improves the Houston breakroom experience. Our modern vending machines and open concept micro-markets come equipped with the latest technology resulting in a better breakroom experience for your employees.

When you work with FreshBrew Group we help you create a positive breakroom experience your Houston employees will enjoy! Here are a few reasons why…

Keep breakroom favorites stocked

New and improved tracking abilities allow us to know what is selling and what needs to be restocked in your Houston vending machine. It also makes it easier for us to record inventory and get instant insight into what your employees enjoy the most through their purchasing patterns. This real-time tracking helps us become more efficient in our routing delivery of your favorite breakroom refreshments.

Open concept offers more options

A Houston micro-market impresses employees because it is like a mini-convenience store where employees can browse the fresh food, snacks, and beverage options available to them. Plus, the self-checkout kiosk is a fun way to promote corporate messages, which can show on the screen in between transactions.

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Convenient Payment Options

Whether it is a vending machine or micro-market, convenient payment options, such as Yoke Payments, ensures your employees can easily scan, pay, and enjoy! Plus, advanced vending equipment now comes with touch-screen controls, audio and video features, and cashless payments that make transactions easy and seamless. With multiple payment options everyone can pay their own way!

In addition, advanced vending technology also allows us to ensure our customers are happy with the breakroom services we provide. Customer satisfaction is at the top of our list, and we use modern vending technology to make a better breakroom experience.

Are you looking to improve the breakroom experience in your Houston office? FreshBrew Group can help you find the breakroom solution for your workplace. Call us today at 281-847-2222 or click HERE. We look forward to hearing from you!