4 Ways to Get a Breakroom Refresh in Houston

Is your Houston business looking for a breakroom refresh? Did you know that a comfortable and welcoming breakroom has a significant impact to the productivity and success of your business? Yes, it does! It gives employees a place to step away to set aside work for a few minutes to recharge and relax. Does your Houston breakroom need a boost? Here are few ways to refresh your breakroom AND energize your employees.


How to make your Houston break room more appealing? Start by adding a variety of refreshment options with a custom micro-market. The design and feel of a Houston micro-market can be altered to really make the breakroom stand out. Plus, the snacks, beverages, and food items can be tailored specifically to the tastes and needs of your employees. These changes can be exciting and encourage employees to stay on site for lunch.


How can a good office be a good office without good coffee? Not sure it can. Coffee makes employees more focused! And a great tasting coffee also makes employees happy and more satisfied with their place of employment. With the Costa Coffee Smart Café, you get exactly that! Offering up 200+ barista-style specialty coffee drinks, the only stress your employees will have is choosing the delicious coffee drink they want!

Costa Coffee | Smart Cafe | FreshBrew Group | Office Coffee


How can you build company culture in the breakroom? Easy! A Houston breakroom provides a place where employees can interact with their “work family” and get to know each other better. Thus, building a better company culture. Breakrooms have become, and will continue to be, a conversation starter and idea generator for employees.

Get your employees’ ideas!

It’s easier to get your employees excited about change when they play an active role in the process and decisions. So, ask everyone to come up with some changes they would like to see in the new breakroom. What are their favorite snacks, beverages, and fresh foods? This is important to know so your employees will want to use the breakroom. Then, discuss the changes that will be happening and explain what they can expect. When everyone is on the same page, the transition can be a lot smoother and more exciting.

No matter what changes your Houston business can make, keep your employees engaged and excited by showing updates and allowing them to be a part of the process. Updating the breakroom is exciting and gives the company the chance to show their culture in a fun and personal way.

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