Coffee Traceability from Farm to Cup

Coffee traceability means the supply chain is an open book. From educating buyers and consumers to “walking the talk” ethical sourcing is an important part of any sustainability practice, including private label roasters blends and services.

Coffee traceability should be clear – from start to finish. From growing to roasting, distribution, and point of sale, education begins when you know where your coffee comes from. Strong, durable relationships begin with growers. When you know who’s standing behind the coffee you’re enjoying, it helps build brand loyalty, ups everyone’s game, and makes lasting connections.


Coffee traceability helps buyers and consumers learn more about places where coffee is grown. Through coffee traceability we learn more about the coffee growing and preparation process. We learn about its production. We also learn about the delicate processes needed to craft specialty coffee bean blends.

Recognition for Growers:

Who doesn’t like a pat on the back? Coffee traceability is one way coffee professionals and supply chain members can recognize and support coffee farming, growing methods and grower’s efforts. When we learn about coffee producing countries, we better understand their conditions, their ups and downs, and their environments. When we learn about the people, we better understand how coffee is grown.

Climate, rainfall, soil, the growing process and harvest practices are all factors poured into a great cup. Understanding the intricate processes needed in preparing specialty coffee beans can boost a coffee lover’s enjoyment. They can connect and feel like an important part of the process.

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Reputation is more important than ever when it comes to consumer preferences. Coffee shops, buyers, and roasters, enjoying a solid reputation can increase the demand for their products in the specialty coffee marketplace.

What’s more, how a company sources its product can become the foundation for building its brand.

When you work with FreshBrew Coffee & Tea you tap a team of seasoned industry experts. We can provide a traceable experience – from farm and field to a perfect fresh brewed cup. Learn more by visiting us here.