Ready-To-Drink Coffee is Making Big Waves with Young Consumers

Ready-to-drink or RTD coffee is the current coffee culture movement, making big waves with young consumers.

When time is short, and you need coffee on the go, what’s easier than reaching for a ready-to-drink cold brew or cold bottled coffee, and joining others in this next convenience store trend? On-the-go coffee options can be the perfect blend of taste, cool convenience, and healthy caffeinated pick-me-up.

When you work with FreshBrew Coffee & Tea you align with a diligent team who is passionate about serving you – and your customer’s – needs. Coffee-on-the-go convenience is a top priority for these consumers and premium bottled cold coffee products fit the bill.

Coffee is the number one drink consumed in America every day, and coffee beverages including frozen, blended, and cold brewed coffees, are part of the trends rising among young people.

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This soaring trend in enjoying coffee – hot or cold – is because RTD coffee offers an alternative to classic soft drinks. It’s also a popular choice for those who want to cut the sugar in the drinks they buy. Innovative, healthier coffee-on-the-go is top of mind for many of these busy, health-conscious consumers.

We’re all busy! So when morning minutes count – on the way to school with kids, to or from work, or when making the afternoon carpool run or to soccer practice – look for pre-packaged, grab-and-go beverages at local convenience stores. RTD coffee is a great match for those on the go who need a caffeine boost to keep up with the clock.

Ready-to-drink (RTD) coffees are cold and packaged in cans or bottles. That means the drink is fresh, sealed, and ready to enjoy any time you want it.

Consider these Ready-To-Drink coffee trends:

  1. Functional ingredients are driving the future. Look for ready-to-drink coffee ingredients including protein, collagen, and electrolytes, or fused ingredients. With new processing and an emphasis on healthy ways to boost focus and increase productivity, RTD options are a good fit.
  2. Indulgent blends. From sweet to creamy, RTD flavors satisfy those with a sweet tooth. They also appeal to seasonal coffee fans when those consumers want to treat themselves. And craft-blended specialty flavors make the coffee experience available to those who prefer their drinks a tad less sweet.
  3. High energy boosts in RTD drinks provide more caffeine for the morning kick, or a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. What’s more, for many -young consumers, cold brews are their go-to beverages.

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