Specialty Roasting offers exclusive blends customized to your office coffee palate!

Coffee Brewers that offer various options from espresso to traditional single-cup.

Self-serve micro-market benefits in Houston

Our exclusive coffee roasting company can customize a coffee solution just for you.

FRESHBREW Group offers our state-of-the-art coffee service to many types of businesses; from B & I to Health care, Convenience Store, Manufacturing and Transportation industries.

Strong in sustainability

FRESHBREW is dedicated to operate a World Class, Sustainable, Farmers Direct, Certified USDA and Rainforest Alliance Roasting Facility.

Houston coffee services
Office coffee service in Houston offices

Premium coffee

Offer a unique brew in your Houston workplace with Accolades Coffee. This coffee is made from high quality Arabica beans roasted to perfection and blended for a powerful brew.


World Class coffee

Go bold with coffee that takes you on a journey with every sip. Savor the global flavors of each brew specially blended for quality and taste.

A brewer for any occasion

We offer a number of different coffee brewing options so you get just the right brewer for your needs.

Pot brewers

Traditional coffee machines built to brew a high-volume of coffee for sharing.

Pod brewers

A fresh cup of coffee is brewed each time using a pre-measured coffee pod.

Bean to cup

Whole beans are ground and brewed instantly into delicious espresso and coffee-based drinks.

Capsule brewers

Lots of variety in a fully enclosed drink capsule that brews by the cup.

Rival the café

Reach out with your office coffee needs to get personalized service.

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