Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Plan

Communication is the most important function in an emergency situation such as a hurricane. Twenty-four hours before a storm is scheduled to hit, our drivers will ensure that all our machines are fully loaded. Our telephone tree is our essential tool to guarantee service to our customers. All our drivers are issued cellular phones with both electric and car chargers. Everyone is instructed to call their immediate supervisor the next morning after a natural disaster. Our supervisors, management, and customer service manager are issued Blackberry telephones so they can be in contact with senior management via telephone or email. All drivers are instructed to come to work so long as they can safely drive.

Our supervisors, management and customer service manager will be in touch with key accounts to see if they are open and accessible. Our entire customer base is given cell phone numbers to our management and account managers, so communication is not lost. All critical service operations such as hospitals, city or county offices, and utility companies will be serviced as soon as the storm passes. If for any reason the assigned driver did not make it to work safely, another driver or supervisor will be assigned to cover these routes. Additionally, if second or third shifts are needed to get the machines filled, our staff will be on standby ready to fulfill our commitments to our customers.

After Hurricane Ike, Fresh Brew Group purchased a generator that will power our total facility. Our refrigerators, freezers, telephones and air conditioners are all operated on this generator. We are therefore able to keep fresh and frozen goods available to our customers as well as temperature sensitive snack items such as candy or pastry. The generator is tested quarterly to make sure it will automatically switch on as soon as power is lost. Fresh Brew Group was ready to service its customers before most were ready to reopen their doors.

Additional Services

Fresh Brew Group has worked with companies who provide critical services in the past and continues to service these clients. In some cases, once a storm enters the Gulf of Mexico and has been named, a standard order can be delivered to the Hurricane Ride-Out Team for an organization. This order could include bottle water, beverages, juices, snacks, sandwiches or shelf stable meals.

This service alleviates your management from handling this project and allows them to concentrate on the immediate challenges facing the organization.

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