Better food vending machines for your Houston area business

FRESHBREW can provide food vending solutions for a variety of business sizes and types. We have meal and food snacks that will improve employee performance and offer onsite convenience.

Food vending machines in Houston

Delicious healthy options

Healthy fresh food vending options bursting with flavor support the efforts by employees to live a healthier lifestyle.

Customized selections

Choose from our wide variety to create the perfect fresh food vending program for your location.

Enhance productivity

Our fresh food program satisfies hunger and reduces time away from the workplace.

Employee perks

Offering fresh food is a great benefit to employees looking to stay onsite for meal breaks.

More options. More choice.

We off a wide variety of healthy fresh food alternatives delivered throughout Houston.

Hassle-free healthy

No matter the healthy program for your Houston workplace, we will customize to best fit your needs.

Ultimate refreshment experience

The open look and sophisticated design of a micro-market turns the breakroom into a mini storefront open 24/7, increasing morale and productivity. Customize the selection with fresh food items, all-natural beverages, premium snacks, and a lot more.


Get food vending services that enhance your business

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