Vending Services & Office Coffee In KatyVending Machines Customized For Katy Break Rooms

FRESHBREW brings Katy the best vending machines in the area. Beverage vending machines keep soda, energy drinks, iced tea, and more at the perfect temperature for thirsty Katy employees. Coffee vending machines offer a personalized hot drink experience that rivals office coffee and the local Katy coffeehouse. FRESHBREW snack vending machines are full of today’s top selling candy and snack brands reliably delivered thanks to guaranteed delivery sensors in each vending machine. Add in our cashless payment technology and efficient restocking solution and FRESHBREW is Katy’s top vending machine provider.

Katy’s Office Coffee Service Experts

Enjoy the latest office coffee technology in your Katy break room on FRESHBREW. We can offer office coffee specialty brewers that make coffee by the cup. Savor the convenience and ease of capsule coffee brewers or opt for a bean to cup brewer that grinds whole beans instantly for Katy-coffee shop quality espresso or coffee-based drinks. Our modern coffee machine machines make it easy. In addition to the coffee and office coffee machine, we provide the cups, creamers, stir sticks, tea and more to make it a great experience.

Self-Serve Micro-Markets In KatyTransform Your Katy Break Room With
A Micro-Market

For Katy businesses looking to offer more than vending machines and office coffee brewers, FRESHBREW offers a solution called micro-markets. These scalable, on-site retail solutions offer hundreds of products to your Katy employees at no cost to your business. We procure, manage, and restock all the products, but you benefit from the positive response. Katy employees love a micro-market’s incredible selection and great user experience thanks to the self-checkout kiosk complete with cashless payment options.

Create an oasis

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