Snack Vending Machines & Coffee Service In KingwoodVending Kings In Kingwood

No one does vending machine service better in Kingwood than FRESHBREW. We start off with the latest vending machines complete with electronic payment acceptance, allowing purchases using credit cards or even mobile devices. Then infrared sensors detect and ensure products are delivered to Kingwood employees and customers, so there is no lost money or bad vending machine experiences. Each vending machine is filled with a highly tailored mix of healthy and traditional items, including snacks, candy, and beverages ensuring there are plenty of delicious options to choose from for Kingwood employees and customers.

Office Coffee That 'Wows'
Kingwood Businesses

FRESHBREW offers a lot more than vending machines. We are famous in Kingwood for our office coffee and water service as well. FRESH installs sleek, elegant coffee brewing equipment, including pod brewers, cartridge coffee machines, and bean to cup coffee machines. Each has a unique place in our office coffee service, delivering a gourmet coffee or coffee-based specialty drink to Kingwood workers. Our coffee machines use national brand coffee or, if you prefer, our specialty roasts for a unique office coffee experience at your Kingwood business. Don’t forget to order all the coffee-related products for your break room as well, including cups, stir sticks, sweeteners, and office tea products. Our full line of office-coffee related supplies ensures your Kingwood break room has everything you need.

Food Options From Micro-Markets In KingwoodWhere Kingwood Comes
For Micro-Markets

Ready to really make your Kingwood business stand out? Have us install a micro-market in your Kingwood break room. These small, on-site break room stores offer even more products than a vending machine. From fresh food to the newest healthy beverage, micro-markets offer choices to satisfy all types of Kingwood staff. In a micro-market they can pick up the product, review the label, and decide if it suits their needs before purchasing it. Kingwood employees love that. Best of all, in micro-markets there is no extra cost to your Kingwood business, as there would be with pantry service or a cafeteria. We cover it all.

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