Water filtration and office coffee services in League CityLeague City’s Top Vending
Machine Provider

FRESHBREW brings outstanding vending service to League City businesses. Whether it’s a fully stocked cold drink vending machine or variety-rich snack vendor, or both, FRESHBREW offers 24 hour access to the types of grab and go refreshments that will power up your League City break room. We provide a better vending experience to League City residents not just with the well-known products in one our vending machines, but also the dependable cutting edge technology that we have built into the vending equipment. Each vending machine has infrared sensors connected to the payment mechanism. If you purchase a product, but it doesn't fall into the delivery area — BAM, instant refund. There are even multiple ways to pay. At our League City vending machines, customers can make purchases with cash, credit card, debit card, and mobile device.

Coffee Service For The Contemporary League City Break Room

Why have professional coffee service in your League City break room? Because FRESHBREW can deliver the reliable, well made coffee pot brewers and single cup coffee machines that will impress League City employees and your clients/guests alike. Choose traditional coffee service for high volume coffee drinking or where portability is key using insulated coffee dispensing canisters and airports. If your League City business prefers to offer a cafe-like experience with lots of coffee choices, opt for single cup coffee makers. FRESHBREW offers League City coffee brewing units that use pre-packed cartridges or pods for a mess-free, yet personalized office coffee experience. Your League City break room can also go more sophisticated by choosing a bean to cup machine that grinds whole beans before brewing each cup of espresso, coffee, or a specialty drink.

Self-serve micro-markets and food vending machines in League CityMicro-Markets That Elevate League City Businesses

Besides stellar vending and gourmet coffee service, FRESHBREW offers League City businesses another way to stand out in the break room — Micro-Markets. FRESHBREW installs custom designed Micro-Markets that fit your League City break area. We then fill the League City Micro-Market with products you and your employees want most — fresh food, tempting treats, salty snacks, good-for-you goodies, and more. All purchasing is done through the easy to use kiosk. League City employees just scan and pay. It’s that simple. They can even use a Micro-Market account to earn loyalty points and discounts on their Micro-Market purchases.

Create an oasis

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