Improved employee experience

Micro-markets create a more engaging and option-rich refreshment solution in the breakroom with everything your Houston employees need.

Micro-markets provide a unique and customizable way to improve company culture with 24-hour shopping right in your Houston breakroom. We provide the coolers, shelving, and even coffee brewers, all branded to fit your decor or company message. We also stock the market, bringing in all the latest snacks, foods, and beverages sure to satisfy. You can even use the micro-market as an added incentive by covering the cost of some or all of the items in the micro-market, thereby reducing the cost for employees.

Self-serve micro-market benefits in Houston

Champion employee engagement and a positive work environment

Offering a variety of refreshments for your employees to enjoy throughout the workday will increase moral and overall productivity

Keep employees refreshed onsite!

Let us know how we can transform your Houston area breakroom with a custom micro-market.

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