More food and drink variety

The glass-door cooler and adjustable shelf design of a micro-market enables a huge selection of products to be available to Houston employees day or night.

Know what you’re buying

Employees are free to inspect the labels and packaging of all items in the micro-market BEFORE making a purchase.

Micro-markets allow Houston businesses to provide an employee-wowing refreshment opportunity in the break room. Imagine hundreds of popular snacks, drinks, fresh food, and other essentials, available for purchase right on site using the latest self-checkout technology. We offer custom cabinetry so each micro-market is unique, with contemporary fixtures. It can be designed to easily reflect a specific corporate image or create an atmosphere of inspiration for employees.

Houston self serve micro-markets
Micro-markets in Houston

Flexible payments

Pay easily with cash, credit, mobile, or market account

A convenient way to offer different types of delicious edibles 24 hours a day using the latest technology. Inventory is tracked automatically, so there is no re-ordering needed by staff. Plus, all restocking is done by FRESHBREW.

Purchasing has the option to be touchless with credit cards, mobile wallets, and market accounts as well as secure thanks to the latest encryption technology. Your company can even reward employees by subsidizing employee market accounts to celebrate workiversaries or meeting corporate goals.

Mobile enabled

Available 24/7

Smart inventory

Camera secured

Create an oasis

Reach out for more details about transforming your break room with a micro-market.

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