vending machines and water filtration service in PasadenaPasadena’s Finest Vending Machines

People working in Pasadena appreciate good vending. Give your Pasadena employees what they need to power through each day with a FRESHBREW vending machine service. We have all the types of vending machines any operation could need: snack vending machines, food vending machines, coffee vending machines and beverage vending machines, including both Coke and Pepsi vending machines. These are all high tech, featuring such abilities as cashless payment, guaranteed product delivery and Energy Star components. Ask about Lightspeed technology, which allows us to remotely monitor your machines’ inventory so we can always be on top of your product needs.

Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services for Any Pasadena Office

With a name like can rest assured we can handle your Pasadena office coffee needs. We have the coffee brewers you need, from traditional pot brewers to single-cup brewers to cater to each individual drinker’s preferences. Of course, we have a large variety of coffees and teas to go along with your equipment, including the latest brands, flavors and types. But if you are also looking for break room supplies, we can provide those too. From stir sticks, cups and napkins to creamers and sweeteners, just let us know what you use in your Pasadena break room and we’ll manage it.

Get better water quality in your Pasadena office with our water filtration services. These bottleless filters are available in counter-top or floor standing units and connect directly to your water supply. The filter purifies the water, leaving a great tasting beverage either by itself or to support your office coffee program. Would you prefer a water delivery service? We do too – delivering filtered water in 5-gallon jugs to work with a water cooler.

office coffee and micro markets in PasadenaPasadena Comes to Us
for Micro-Markets

Put a convenience store in your Pasadena break room with a Micro-Market service from FRESHBREW. We work with you to build attractive displays, coolers and racks into the available space of your business. Then we stock it all with a large variety of products. Sure, you can fill the store with common vending products, but Micro-Markets allow you to go beyond into healthier items and entrées like gourmet salads, fresh fruit and dairy items. A self-service kiosk handles all transactions. People can walk in, select what they want, and scan and pay for it all on their terms. It’s the ultimate in conveniences, and it’s a great morale builder for anyone in your Pasadena office – whenever they’re in – since it stays open and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Create an oasis

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