Healthy Vending Machines & Coffee Service RosenbergYour Healthy Vending Partner In Rosenberg

FRESHBREW doesn’t just provide vending machines and office coffee to Rosenberg businesses, we also specialize in bringing healthy options to your break room. Our snack vending machines and beverage vending machines are filled with good-for-you and better-for-you options alongside some of the best-selling traditional products. Our healthy vending service is a great way to empower your Rodenberg employees to make better choices during their time at work, also lowering your insurance costs and loss of productivity due to ill Rosenberg employees. Let us help boost the health and wellness in your Rosenberg workplace through the vending machines.

Productivity Enhancing Office Coffee

It’s no secret that many Rosenberg businesses would cease to function without office coffee. At FRESHBREW, we are well aware of this, and work everyday to ensure their supply of reliable and delicious coffee and coffee-related products, including maintaining office coffee equipment. We have sustainable coffee with documentation about the environmentally friendly farming practices used in the coffee growing regions as well as the fair wages paid to workers. Another coffee option for Rosenberg office coffee customers is FRESHBREW’s specialty roasts, crafted locally from uniquely sourced gourmet beans and carefully roasted to create exceptional office coffee blends.

Self-Serve Micro-Markets In RosenbergRosenberg Loves Our Micro-Markets

The FRESHBREW micro-market concept really expands the benefit of your Rosenberg break room. Imagine shelves full of high quality snacks, coolers showcasing locally made fresh foods, and shelf after shelf of cold beverages. With more options than a vending machine, a micro-market updates your Rosenberg break room into an on-site mini market ready to satisfy Rosenberg employees. Cashless payments, a state-of-the-art self-checkout kiosk, and fully wireless inventory monitoring ensure a great break room experience. Plus, it’s no cost to your Rosenberg company, just a benefit to your Rosenberg employees.

Create an oasis

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