Snack vending machines and office coffee in Texas CityHigh-Value Vending Service Designed For Texas City

Is your Texas City break room ready to be revitalized? FRESHBREW can make it happen with a modern vending machine filled with today’s must-have snacks and beverages. Imagine your Texas City employees finding just the right healthy vending snack or energy drink to continue performing their work. Picture a customer to your Texas City business needing a grab and go option and glad you have a fully-stocked vending machine on the premises! FRESHBREW makes it easy by installing and stocking vending machines in Texas City. The vending equipment is easy to use and includes updated payment systems that allow purchases through cash, credit/debit card, and mobile payment. There are even sensors that provide refunds if there is a mechanical issue, guaranteeing a good vending experience for your employees and customers.

Serving Texas City Today’s Best Office Coffee

If your Texas City business is looking to stand out with office coffee, FRESHBREW can help. We offer the Texas City area contemporary coffee brewing systems, such as single cup coffee makers and traditional pot brewers. Choose between several single cup options that use pods or cartridges to offer a wide variety of coffees from a single machine. They are easy to use and mess-free. For a more cafe-similar experience in your Texas City break room, explore the bean to cup coffee brewers. These coffee brewers grind your choice of whole bean coffee, making a freshly brewed coffee or espresso that can also be turned into a specialty coffee beverage, such as a latte or cappuccino. And of course FRESHBREW offers Texas City businesses the very best brew by-the-pot equipment to ensure enough coffee is made for everyone to enjoy at the same time.

Water filtration and micro-market options in Texas CityMorale Boosting Micro-Markets For Texas City Break Rooms

Morale Boosting Micro-Markets For Texas City Break RoomsImpress Texas City employees with a Micro-Market from FRESHBREW. Our Micro-Markets are custom built for each Texas City break room with contemporary racks and modern food coolers. The Micro-Market solution is able to hold hundreds of fresh food, snacks, candy, and beverages, more than a Texas City vending machine. Plus, employees love the self-checkout technology. It’s quick, secure, and allows for an online account to provide loyalty points and discounts each time employees shop your Texas City break room. Improve the refreshment solution in your break room with a Micro-Market and watch it turn into an employee retention tool that increases productivity.

Create an oasis

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