Food Vending Services & Office Coffee In The WoodlandsOptimize Your Break Room In The Woodlands With Vending Machines

FRESHBREW offers state-of-the-art vending machines that will increase productivity and save your employees and customers time at your Woodlands business. It starts with reliable vending machines that keep cold beverages cold and branded snacks and treats within easy reach for breaks and pick-me-ups. All our vending machines in the Woodlands area accept cashless payments, are monitored wireless, and have integrated sensors to guarantee a product is delivered, eliminating lost money. It gives peace of mind to our vending service customers in the Woodlands area as well as sets FRESHBREW’s commitment to service apart.

Customize Your Office Coffee For
The Woodlands

A great business deserves great coffee, so we’ve developed some exceptional office coffee programs. Our customers in the Woodlands area can choose from national name brand coffee, locally roasted coffee, certified organic coffee, and even premium coffee that they won’t find anywhere else. Take a world tour without leaving the Woodlands break room sipping on our Journeys Coffee blended to recreate different areas of the world. Or you might want to savor the delicious blend of high-quality arabica beans that make up our Accolades Coffee. Whatever office coffee you like, FRESHBREW is ready to serve it in the Woodlands.

Once you have chosen coffee for your office in the Woodlands, take a look at the coffee brewing equipment we offer to ensure a perfect fit office coffee solution. We provide traditional pot brewers, single cup brewers, bean to cup machines, and cartridge brewers, which all have unique features and advantages in a Woodlands break room.

Self-Serve Micro-Markets In The WoodlandsBring Micro-Markets To Your Business In The Woodlands

Boost morale at your company in the Woodlands using the latest break room refreshment solution, a micro-market. This self-service, open market encourages employees to stay at your location in the Woodlands during breaks and meal times. The touchscreen kiosk allows employees to scan and pay using credit cards or mobile payments, for a quick, secure and modern experience.

The best part is that micro-markets bring a greater variety of products to Woodland break rooms than is typically in vending machines. The numerous flavors and brand extensions turn this refreshment solution into a full employee perk no extra cost to your business in the Woodlands. We handle all aspects of the micro-market from start to finish.

Create an oasis

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